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“THIS IS HOW WE’VE ALWAYS DONE IT” - reasons to remove this phrase from your work immediately

Breaking free from the cycle of same old tactics, same old results

By: Erin Hudson

Everyone has certain phrases that just bug them; specific idioms or expressions that we find grating and cause us to instinctively flinch. The one I hate the most: this is how we’ve always done it. Not just because it’s reductive and unhelpful, but it is a signal of a philosophy that will limit the potential of every campaign, product, etc. that is created in that mindset.


Digital or Print - ipad next to notepad

By: Erin Hudson

When developing a campaign, there are pieces of collateral or content hubs to consider that can help stakeholders easily find and consume your message. While a microsite might look slick and a well-designed brochure may seem like great ideas, they may not always make sense to deliver the desired results.

LOST AND FOUND - 8.16.21

Gold compass

Lost and Found is a recurring series where we share what we're digging lately. There are no categories here, you’ll find everything from the useful websites, upcoming events, and interesting places we’ve discovered to the bands, recipes, books, and restaurants that have caught our attention. These are the sparks that we can't stop thinking about. 


Push Pins

By: Amanda Watson