LOST AND FOUND - 8.16.21

Lost and Found is a recurring series where we share what we're digging lately. There are no categories here, you’ll find everything from the useful websites, upcoming events, and interesting places we’ve discovered to the bands, recipes, books, and restaurants that have caught our attention. These are the sparks that we can't stop thinking about. 


The Marias – I’ve been shuffling through the Treefort 2021 playlist on Spotify, but I keep coming back to one of the bands in the big font near the top of the poster – The Marias. The four piece out of LA characterize themselves as psychedelic soul, but it’s versatile listening that fans of several genres will find something to groove to. They’re rising fast, even snagging a gig opening for Leon Bridges on his upcoming tour, so catch them while you can at Treefort. 


Idaho Shakespeare Festival - Having moved from North Idaho to Boise a little over a year ago, discovering the unique attributes that give the Treasure Valley its charm has been an adventure. My most recent discovery was the much-beloved annual Idaho Shakespeare Festival. I’d heard much and more about this iconic summer series but had been unable to attend due to the pandemic. Nothing I had heard could have prepared me for the incredible production value of this outdoor theater experience. From the intricate set designs to the actors’ dedication to their craft, the countless hours of preparation that go into each show was evident, culminating in well-earned standing ovation. Personally, I enjoyed the production so much so that I saw the same show twice within the span of a week and plan on making the festival a staple in my summer plans.  


I’ve spent a fair amount of time in my adult life killing plants. I typically buy them, woefully neglect them until they slowly turn brown, shrivel and then I dump them shamefully into a compost bin. And then I do it all over again. However, with the increased amount of at-home time brought on by 2020/21, I was determined to create a plant sanctuary and tend to my living flora with the tender care they always deserved. Enter A Succulent Day. If you aren’t familiar, this adorable Boise-based plant and pottery shop on State Street can make your house feel like a beautiful, lush jungle and the lovely owner, Martha, will also coach you through how to not immediately murder your plant friends. They pot your purchases for you free of charge if you purchase a plant container, or for a small fee, bring your own.  


Story Story Night – In 2017, my husband and I went to Story Story Night for the first time. That night, a friend of ours put Jason’s name in the Story Slammer box without telling him and, well, his name was drawn. Fortunately, he is a gifted storyteller and it was a smashing success. After that we told ourselves that we were going to go to as many shows as possible – then life got in the way. Then Covid. I had all but forgotten about it until it came up in my Instagram feed recently. On a whim, I bought two tickets and brought my sister (a recent boomerang Boiseian) who had never experienced it. As soon as the show started, I was instantly reminded why I loved the entire concept – real and (mostly) relatable stories that create a connection with your fellow humans in the audience. There’s a knowing glance exchanged with neighbors in the audience, laughter and an overwhelming sense of community that just makes it impossible not to fall in love with Story Story Night. Be sure to check out their shows and support this wonderful non-profit in Boise.